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About TCI

TCI, Educational Consulting, was inspired by many voices and several decades of collective experience.  Systems change when the people within them change. We at TCI don't believe that change is hard, it's just uncomfortable! We will help develop new ways of thinking that move us past discomfort and into the three I's, where 21st century teaching and learning manifests. While we believe in an organized and efficient 21st century approach, we do not perscribe any particular methodology, with the exception of our first step, which is to do a needs assessment. We want to hear your voice first, before we offer ours. 

Our company does not focus on core academic subjects, but rather offers much needed support in areas of school culture and "well rounded" education through quality Health, PE, and the Arts. We ensure quality instruction through teacher observation/coaching and relevant PD. We believe that while core subjects create the foundation for a successful life, a well rounded person knows how to take care of their body and mind, they are socially adept, empathetic, and have acquired tools to get through life's struggles. 

Why TCI-"The Champion Initiative"? 



  • someone or something that has won a contest or competition especially in sports

  • someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.

We want to build champions and we want to champion your cause, helping you to discover new ways of interacting in your school community. To us, a champion is someone who understands they are part of the whole, they are willing to embrace change, and maintain the attitude that anything is possible! 


  • the power or opportunity to do something before others do 

  • a plan program that is intended to solve a problem


We want to inspire everyone that works with TCI. Instead of following along with whatever is proposed and doing it half -heartedly (which is all too common in schools). TCI will help leaders to prioritize and teachers to buy in. Instead of putting off change, we will help your school community members to take initiative to fully embrace it. We will work with you to create a new way of thinking that solves problems, takes advantage of existing opportunities and improves in a faster, much more efficient way, all the while listening to all voices who have a stake in our future; our children. 

With a main focus on a "well rounded" education, TCI serves with a foundation of empathy, collaboration and innovation, amongst the most important 21st century skills. Through pedagogical training, appraisal support, professional development, parent education and student assemblies, every stakeholder has the opportunity to learn and grow and most importantly, find the balance in life they need to make the school community one where every person thrives.  Creating a Safe and Healthy School is imperative to a child's success. The new Every Student Succeeds Act supports The Champion Initiative’s mission, as the term “core subjects” is officially replaced with a “well-rounded” education to include Health, PE, the arts, school culture, safety, and teacher development. Funding through ESSA offers the means for schools to purposefully address the whole child and support our teachers and leaders to be the best they can be.