The 21st Century approach to a well-rounded education starts with a foundation of empathy and ends with..

teachers, leaders, and community members that dive into real reform. Let us join you in preparing students to contribute to a global community. 

Design Thinking

Our program outlines the tenets of Design Thinking and supports your programs with its implementation from lesson planning, lesson delivery to classroom design.  Grounded in research and practice, our Design Thinking program provides attendees with innovative ideas and informed practices within their specific pedagogical contexts.


Teacher effectiveness is the most important factor in student achievement. Our consultants have expertise in observation, pedagogical training and real time coaching. Collectively we have observed over 2000 lessons and provided targeted, high leverage feedback. We look forward to enhancing the performance of your teacher champions by offering meaningful support in all areas of essential practice. 

Physical Education and Health

Curriculum Development

While most schools have adopted the common core, critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity, innovation through interdisciplinary projects, empathy and design thinking have not fully been considered. These are the most important skills of 21st century teaching and learning. We will help you to weave these into your existing curricula and train teachers to take an innovative and exciting approach with any content area. 

We at TCI understand that obtaining funds as a school, or corporation can feel like running a race with too many obstacles! There is money out there, but timing is everything.  Having your assessment and information ready can mean the difference between winning the race and falling before the finish line!  We can assist with Federal, State, and Local policies and grant funding and facilitate throughout the process. 
Community Education

Our community education programs range from parent trainings on sex education, healthy relationships and marriages to anti-bullying, drug and alcohol prevention, violence prevention and school safety. We also offer CPR trainings and a variety of other programs to support Safe and Healthy Schools. The Every Students Succeeds Act has made these topics a priority. Let us serve your entire school and surrounding community through our meaningful engaging programs. 

Leadership Support

Physical Education is unique. While standards should be kept as high as any other subject, often building level leadership is not aware of what quality physical education looks like. Therefore, standards are often kept to a minimum and support for improved practice is not provided. We offer leaders support through guided observations, report preparation and targeted feedback. We will also create guidance documents to clarify what the existing evaluation standards look like in quality physical education. 

Culture and Community

Empathy and Mindfulness

21st century education can no longer deny the absolute neccessity of empathy and mindfulness practice. Empathy, considered the number one desired work skill of our future workers, dissapates through negative societal influence and our attachments to technology. Being present is also difficult, as anxiety and worry overwhelm so many. Having the heart of a champion means we are learning and practicing empathy and mindfulness. We weave this throughout all of our work and hold seperate trainings on these topics for any and all stakeholders. 

Cultural competence is the ability to successfully communicate and empathize with people from diverse cultures and incomes. It is among the skills needed to close the achievement gap, according to the National Education Association. Teachers, in particular, need to engage in on-going examinations of their attitudes about identity and cultures, and strive to minimize racial disparities. TCI offers an opportunity for teachers and leaders to explore this topic through a highly engaging session(s). Using cultural mapping, role play, dyadic exchange and group work, participants will leave with a new perspective and action plan for new discourse.  

Cultural Competence