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Health and Physical Education Consulting

If you are on this page, chances are you already understand the importance and impact of quality physical education and health programs in schools. We here at TCI believe that quality physical education and health programs can change the culture of a school and put children on the right path to leading a healthy and productive life. There has also been substantial research indicating the positive correlation between academics, brain function and physical activity. We at TCI feel that Physical Education and movement can no longer be categorized as a "special subject". The new Every Student Succeeds Act has defined a "well rounded" education as the standard for schools with physical education and health programs standing on equal ground with core academic subjects. When school districts make their plans for ESSA, it is imperative that quality health and PE be included. Quality physical education and health programs, taught by qualified individuals, will promote health and physical literacy. Creating a learning environment that engages the body, mind and spirit can have a tremendous positive influence on students and help fight rising obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles. We must make drastic changes NOW for the well being of our communities, and nation. Funding will be available for Health and PE to get the much needed support they deserve. We can advise and support you on the road to providing the very best for your school community.

TCI will:


  • Support your health and physical education staff, providing observations and feedback in all areas of essential practice and modeling new techniques for improved performance.

  • Support building supervisors in order to improve their ability to appraise physical education teachers, and provide high leverage feedback as well as ongoing training

  • Assist Health and Physical Education staff with unit and lesson planning, using backward planning, Design Thinking, incorporating 21st century skills and addressing psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains

  • Lead professional learning communities with district HPE staff

  • Provide New Teacher Trainings, covering multiple topics such as, creating relevant and rigorous objectives, checking for understanding, delivering content, class management, differentiation, scaffolding and cognitive demand. 

  • Provide professional development around Deliberate Practice 

  • Provide professional development for secondary teachers in teaching Self Defense 

  • Provide professional development to health teachers on Mindfulness

  • Provide support for Safe and Healthy students through parent and student trainings

  • Provide building and State level ESSA consult for HPE funding and comprehensive health and wellness plans

  • Provide other specialized PD services, available upon request