Professional Development for teachers

Professional Development

Our team offers some of the best specialized PD in the business. Chalk up those hands and get ready for a challenge! Change takes knowledge, inspiration, patience and practice. Here is a sample of some of our training sessions that will prepare you to get in the ring, round after round, with a Champion skill set and attitude!

Title: Pedagogy I 
Target audience: All teachers
The following are offered in 2- 5 hour sessions 
  • Creating rigorous and relevant objectives
  • Delivering content effectively using multiple ways, including technology
  • Checking for understanding
  • Creating and delivering critical thinking questions 
Title: Pedagogy II
Target audience: Art, Physical Education, Music, CTE and non-core subject teachers
TCI Consultants will perform classroom observations, provide written feedback based on district assessment tool (or our assessment tool), then engage in post conference coaching session(s) providing modeling and feedback in high leverage areas. 
*TCI offers extended observation and coaching sessions in person and through video observation/conferencing. 
Title: Project Based Learning
Target audience: All teachers
Project based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Backed by research, it is an effective way to enhance 21st century skills, preparing students for success in college, career and civic life.  TCI consultants will engage teachers in an interactive PD session to better prepare them to teach using PBL. 
Title: Empathy/Mindfulness
Target audience: Leaders, teachers, support staff, parents
The ability to identify with others takes on
a heightened role in an age where we are merging to form a single global community. The Information Age is only going to bind
us more tightly together as people, nations and economies. Empathy does not require
us to give up our own perspectives, but to
be able to integrate others’ perspectives
with our own. Mindfulness helps us become
more self aware. Mindfulness decreases stress, and stress weakens empathy. We
will explore mindful practice, deepen our compassion and study its implications in
our school community.   
*Additional PD is offered for teachers to learn how to use mindfulness and empathy activities with their students. 
Title: Cultural Competence
Target audience: All teachers
Cultural competence is the ability to successfully communicate and empathize with people from diverse cultures and incomes, skills needed to close the achievement gap, according to the National Education Association. Teachers, in particular, need to engage in on-going examinations of their attitudes about identity and cultures, and strive to minimize racial disparities. TCI offers an opportunity for teachers and leaders to explore this topic through a highly engaging session(s). Using cultural mapping, role play, dyadic exchange and group work, participants will leave with a new perspective and action plan for new discourse.  
Title: Classroom Management
Target audience: New teachers, all teachers
While we at TCI believe in interrupting the tradition of having students sitting quietly in rows, we also know that disruptive behavior in a students-centered environment is not conducive to learning. Teacher turnover is a result of several factors inlcuding teacher dissatisfaction which can easily come from the inability to manage the classroom. Our consultants will walk teachers through creating a healthy, student-centered environment where learning time is maximized, classroom culture is positive, students stay engaged and mutual respect is maintained. 
Title: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
Target Audience: Superintendents, Principals, Asst Principals, Instructional Coaches, Lead Teachers, teachers 
Providing and receiving honest, timely, targeted feedback, requires more than just the facts. These sessions will build your capacity to have difficult conversations within your school community. Whether we are providing feedback to teachers, upward feedback, or internal feedback, we can improve our interpretation and delivery skills in order to notably impact performance. Participants will engage in group work, dyadic exchange, role play and take a deeper dive into their own capacity to receive feedback well.