TCI's David Gesualdi selected as Washington DC's teacher of the year for Excellence in Class

It has been an amazing week for David Gesualdi, his colleagues and his family, as they celebrate his award for Excellence in Classroom Innovation Sponsored by the DCEdfund.

I have known David for several years. I have observed him as he took risks, and sought out knowledge so he could implement innovative strategies in order to better serve his students. Not only is David an outstanding educator, he is an amazing, inspiring thought partner; a problem solver who approaches his practice and the whole of education with a positive, innovative and caring approach. A huge proponent of Design Thinking and Classroom Design strategies, David is one of a kind. He serves with a foundation of empathy and a passion for social justice. This is blatantly obvious when you watch him teach and listen to the wisdom he imparts. He is currently working on a Doctorate at the college of William and Mary. He is an outstanding human being. A family man, who adores his wife and daughter. David is a CHAMPION who has just begun to make his mark in education.

This is not the first time David has stood out from the crowd. He has been recognized many times over, below are (some of) his enumerated accomplishments:

  • 2016 Washington Post Teacher of the Year Nominee

  • TNTP Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice Nominee,

  • Featured in the following news sources: NPR Education Washington Post

  • CityBridge Education Innovation Fellow, CityBridge Foundation Washington, DC

  • Designed the"Fit2College Project" where students earn money as they exercise

  • Traveled around the country observing the most innovative schools

  • Highly Effective Teacher Bonus Award 3 years

  • Awarded the Distinguished teacher honor 2014-15

  • Selected as Physical Education Emerging Leader Fellow

  • Founding Capital Commitment Fellow, DC Public Schools Washington, DC

  • Founding TeachPlus Teaching Policy Fellow, Washington DC

  • Revised the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) enacted by Congress.

  • Directed a working group focused on teacher preparation programs and provided consultation to CAEP and national education accreditation bodies for teacher preparation programs

  • Editor of TeachPlus Huffington Post Blog, Washington DC Washington, DC, 01/12- 07/13

  • Physical Education Presenter: VAHPERD, Virginia Health and Physical Education Conference Reston, VA, 11/07 -Title- “Creating and Implementing a Special Olympics Motor Activities Training Program.”

Thank you "Mr. G" for your service and for uplifting the profession of Health and Physical Education!

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