TCI's Dr. Kymm Ballard is ready to step into the ring and fight for the funding you need!

TCI Educational Consulting is proud to announce our partnership with Ballard Consulting. Dr. Kymm Ballard comes to TCI with years of diversified experience under her championship belt. She is an accomplished professional who has helped schools and corporations acquire millions of dollars of funding to support meaningful projects in the areas of health and physical education. Her dedication to obesity prevention and wellness promotion is evident in her involvement in multiple community projects and professional organizations. A well known and highly regarded professional in the industry, Dr. Kymm Ballard brings a depth of knowledge and experience to TCI that is invaluable.

Kymm obtained a doctorate in Education through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a focus on LEP students in Physical Education in 2008. A 1985 graduate of Appalachian State University in Physical Education and Health Education, Kymm also holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education with a focus in Sport Administration from Appalachian and most recently a certification in Sport Philanthropy. In addition to being the Past-President of the Society of State Directors for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, she also served as the Chair for the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Public Relations Committee and on numerous committees representing physical educators through updates, meetings and workshops. For more about Kymm's accomplishments and consulting opportunities visit our Policies and Grants Page or

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