Physical Education professional development


"I just wanted to make sure that you knew that Kat did an outstanding

job managing the Cornerstone curriculum projects. I am very happy with the attention to detail, constructive feedback and high quality Cornerstones that were developed this summer. We have received great feedback from people on how our Cornerstones are the best, ensuring rigor and a memorable experience." 

            -Miriam Kenyon, Director of Health and PE, DC Public Schools

"My hope is that all instructional coaches, administrators and

 physical education teachers will take the time to read and reflect upon the things you have shared.  Reading your email has inspired me to reflect upon the work that I do and begin to contemplate ways in which I can help the two physical education teachers and all of the classroom teachers I work with.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you guys again!"

       -Aaron Danielson, Instructional Coach Stillwater Public Schools 

"The feedback, positive and areas of focus/development, and the resources you have provided, have allowed me to grow and develop as a teacher. Implementing new strategies and seeing things from a different point of view will allow my students to partake in one of the best PE programs in DC. Again, thanks and I really appreciate everything!"                                   

                                            -Derrick Morris, Hendley Elementary School

"I have looked up to you as a mentor, and have always grown tremendously through our extremely beneficial discussions during the past 3 years.  I've realized that it is ok to put my own spin on teaching  as long as I am reaching the students and they are growing.  I really can't express what your words meant to me.  I feel as though I have hit my stride and will only continue to grow and improve as a teacher and you and the PEEL fellowship are my top two reasons, and I am so grateful for that."

                                        -William Crick, Barnard Elementary School

"Kathy was my master educator and coach when I was a teacher at Cardozo Education Campus (DCPS)! A very positive, dynamic, motivated and astute educator. Her passion for educating educators was like no other I have seen! "

                                             -Bamidele Jegede, Engineering Instructor

"To have Kathleen as my Master Educator was extremely helpful within my first year of teaching for DCPS.  As a new teacher, her leadership was instrumental in kick-starting my career as a PE teacher. Through the evaluations done, advice given, and communication we have had over the past year, I left those conversations with new insight and ideas of ways to better reach my students."

                                                         Nicole Denesus Garcia, Raymond EC

"Kathleen's professional approach and love for the teaching profession were very evident and I gained valuable insight into

how to keep my students engaged throughout the entire lesson.

She shared new techniques that helped me further engage them in higher level learning."

                                               -D. McKinney, Dunbar High School

"This has been a really good experience.  While not everyone sees the

 benefits in the evaluation process, I have found it meaningful and introspective.  I have had some great reflective moments through this. I look forward to working with you in the future!"


                                            -Andy Olson, Stillwater Junior High School